Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is a far, far better thing that I do

I volunteered to bring English food to a church event, so, which of the following delicacies would you prefer to sample?

1. Bubble and Squeak
2. Beans on Toast
3. Steak and Kidney Pie
4. Toad in the Hole
5. Yorkshire Pudding (Just remember: Yorkshire Pudding is to Pudding as Basset Hound is to Turnip)
6. Bangers and Mash
7. Traditional English Breakfast: Pasty, bland sausage (if you cook these sausages too fast you understand why they’re called “bangers”); cold, burnt toast with marmalade; fried egg still swimming in lard; fried tomatoes; room temperature milk; and what the English smilingly refer to as “orange juice”
8. Trifle
9. Curry – from the colonies and which actually contains spices
10. Fish and Chips, wrapped in newspaper (not the Sun) and doused with salt and malt vinegar - with a pickled onion on the side
11. Squash and Biscuits
12. Tea (without the tea)
13. Brussels Sprouts, boiled to perfection

1 comment:

  1. Definitely go for the trifle. Dessert is ALWAYS your best option.

    That's what she said.