Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi . . . Look at your nose!!!!

For those who, like my young buddy Angela, et.al., have been fortunate enough to read "Three Men in a Boat," here's a web site with pictures along the upper Thames.

In the forward of my copy of the book, there's an account of three men who decided to recreate the epic c. 1880 journey. As they were stowing their gear in their boat, a crusty, ill-dressed, old river man watched their progress, and as they neared completion, he yelled, "Don't forget your tin opener!"
Angela will understand this. The rest of you will have to read the book.


  1. So, apparantly my mother doesn't count as listening to it as well. You might have to "go back and start at the beginning again," if you catch my drift. Anywho I feel special!

  2. Any post that mentions Angela has to be a good post.