Monday, March 09, 2009

Quit Your Job Now

So - please tell me what bugs you about working at your job - either as a Blog comment or as an e-mail -

Reasons why you’re afraid to quit your job and strike out on your own.

1)Because the phrase “strike out” has two meanings.
2)You enjoy living in a house, wearing clothes, and eating food.
3)You love your job.
4)Number three isn’t true, but it sounds good.

Reasons why you ought to quit your job and strike out on your own.

1.Training meetings
I went to a six-hour training meeting. Let’s face it. Sitting through six hours of training is like being a galley slave. But, you might ask, “HOW is sitting through six hours of training comparable to being a galley slave?”
  • You’re required to sit there from beginning to end.
  • You're encouraged to participate.
  • It's tempting to envision other things you'd rather be doing.
  • They tell you when you can go to the bathroom.
  • Someone up in front is talking to you, telling you how to work better.
  • Your brain becomes numb. So do other parts of your body.
  • If someone next to you passes out or dies, it’s understandable. It's even enviable.
  • You begin to fantasize about the person in charge being eaten by a shark.
  • You begin to fantasize about being eaten by a shark yourself. It would not be the most enjoyable way to spend your afternoon, but at least it would be exciting. And your butt would stop hurting—depending, of course, on where the shark takes his first bite.

2.Performance Reviews



  1. I love it when you say the same phrases over and over so much that they just come out of your mouth whenever you start to say anything. Like when Sarah started praying by saying, "Thank you for calling White Rock Pizza Hut." Or after my call center job, I can't speak normal Chinese-- I keep throwing in these really formal, polite phrases that I used all the time. Like instead of saying "Just a second" when I talk to Kevin, I say, "please wait a moment." Basically.

  2. There's not much I hate about waitressing, there's a lot more that I love! I love when guests ask for cream...AFTER I bring the coffee, or more sugar, because 10 packets just aren't sufficient. I love that 90% of ladies that drink ice tea or Diet anything can suck down their first glass within .02 nanoseconds! I love that everything is too hot/too cold, came too early or took too long, has onions/doesn't have enuf onions...the table is too small/too big, the patio is too cold/too sunny/too windy...I love when people walk in from outside and ask "What's it like on the patio?" Ma'am, weren't you outside just like a second ago? What, do you think the patio on the other side of the building has some type of subtropical microclimate or something???? I could go on, but I'm overwhelmed with love at the moment and it's my day off...I do LOVE ACN, however. Best "job" yet!

  3. I am afraid to quit my job because the market value of my house is now almost certainly less than the balance on my mortgage.